LuLani's Story






LuLani's Story


The Mom and Pop shop that is LuLani's today story began in 1987 when the owner honeymooned in Hawaii and is where LuLani and her husband first tried the local Hawaiian Shave Ice. Later when the then Mail Centers postal shipping business was being adversely affected by poor economic conditions, LuLani had the thought of opening a shave ice store inside the Mail Center. Something that had happened very similar once before in shave ice history when Matsumotos grocery added shave ice to its store... .  Then they began a length trial and error period to learn the secrets to making the best shave ice. After spending thousands of hours doing research and much experimentation they decided they had reached the peak of perfection in shave ice creations. Then began the long nights of work in order to construct the LuLani's Shave Ice & Dog House inside of the Mail Center's Postal building.  When you visit LuLani's today you can still mail your letters at the Mail Center and see the old postal boxes mounted in the wall.


The business model LuLani follows today is the same one she started with.

Customer service and quality products come first.

This is reflected today by the fact that we continue to use the slower higher product quality producing shaving machines. We also use ultra-pure water, that is triple filtered and polished in our store, rather than use the faster but  lower quality product cube shavers. We vow to never use chemically treated tap water. Because of these extra efforts  our customers are rewarded with ultra-pure Shave ice.  Try one and you will notice the fluffy quality found only in the best of shave ice.

Free of unwanted chemicals and impurities.

Our ice is made in three stages by hand at LuLani's We spent many months testing and perfecting the multi stage process that yields a perfectly formed ice block with special crystals that are to become your shave ice.

Nothing is allowed to contaminate the delicious high quality flavors we use. 

Our flavor selection process is a closely guarded secret at LuLani's.

We use only the best flavors handpicked by our flavor testers who continuously purchase and test flavors from all over the world. Our flavor menu is a dynamic menu that we continuously refine by adding new delicious flavors for our customers to enjoy.

Come try one!

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Note in case your wondering, in Hawaii which is generally accepted as the mother of the western worlds shave ice they say "shave" ice, not "shaved ice" 

So do we!


First Shavers Team

First Shavers Team

Asia Paula and Ali

LuLani's Trailer

LuLani's Trailer

Our new Shave Ice trailer Soon to be catering delicious Shave Ice with our LuLani's Shavers

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